Darkness 500g Coffee

Darkness 500g Coffee Darkness is our hefty and rugged blend. An inclusive buddy that's at ease in the company of both cow and plant. You're simply free to enjoy this accepting coffee whenever however you like. HELA BÖNOR!

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Darkness 500g Coffee

What: Filter Brew

Intensity:5 /5

Flavour profile:  Cocoa, pecans, cookie dough Roast profile:

Dark & full bodied

  • In this blend, we have chosen green coffee that in itself has a bit more of a rugged style. That means we get an intense flavour and mouthfeel, but with a taste of coffee rather than roast machine, as in some other dark roasts we know of.

  • A full bodied Brazilian coffee for the bold and decadent.

  • Please choose ground or wholebean in the drop down


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