OK Ciao 500g coffee

OK Ciao 500g coffee

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OK Ciao 500g coffee

Bene! An extremely OK espresso. Full bodied, nutty, dark and intense – just like the happy little Italian inside of you.


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OK Ciao 500g coffee

What: Espresso

Intensity: 5/5

Flavour profile: Pipe tobacco, plum, peanut butter

Roast profile: Intense & nutty

We have created an ezpresso that is safe and warm in the italian coffee culture. This is a coffee for those who think that the flavours “crisp” and “fruity” don’t belong in the coffee vocabulary. When you feel like having juice, you have it separately, after coffee. You might enjoy neon and may sometimes think that Italo disco is pretty cool. You top your esprezzo with milk a dash of milk from plant or cow, in a velvety cappuccino.